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Three Beer Festivals in One Week!

Pennyless are loving the real ale and great company at three of our favourite venues this week.

Thursday 27th Aug. Outside at Charters Bar Peterborough Town Bridge with Oakham Ales 7.30pm

Saturday 29th Aug. At the Blue Bell Inn,  Maxey –  fiddling from 9pm

Sunday 30th Aug. Hometown gig at Smiths of Bourne for an afternoon of music starting at 3pm.

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Hanging Moon review by FATEA

We are happy with this latest review of our new album by FATEA magazine. Click on the link to see the full article!

“Hanging Moon” is a good example of what I call Fairytale folk and like a lot of fairy tales it becomes quite dark with lots of hidden meanings, veiled threats and trickery. Three is a powerful number when it comes to …….”



New Album Now Available – “Hanging Moon”

Pennyless release their fourth album in association with Rowdy Farrago Records. Following on from 2012 “Tales from the Tulgey Wood”, this new album “Hanging Moon” tells many stories of enigmatic English characters intertwined with folklore, poetry and highway robbery.

If you don’t believe in Magic and Love Fairy verge on pop, with psychedelic Arthur Quelling, and The Witch and the Chimney Sweep lying alongside Motley Crew sea shanty and the harp-based prose of Footsteps of Reynardine.

Pennyless have collaborated with writer Allen Adams of The Destructors and guest musicians Nick Penny, Colin Benton and Jo Hitchin to produce tracks with distinctive sound and variety. Click on our albums page to see track listings, buy album and write your own review!



Upcoming Gigs

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    Pirate Festival
    Wells town, Norfolk coast
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    Wells town centre
  • 26
    The Waterton Arms
    Deeping St James
  • 04
    Corby Glen
    Private wedding party

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