Strange Dreams (2019)


Strange Dreams; connect with your inner poet. This sixth album by Pennyless explores lyrical verse with searching, wistful yearning and wild untamed love. Rich in melody this is a mellow dreamy listen with a pastoral flavour; the perfect soundtrack for an English Summer.image003

Product Description

DSC_1305a1. Shepherd’s Tree  poem by J Clare/L Woods

2. Broken  P Stevens

3. Strange Dreams  L Woods

4. The Wren  L Woods

5. A Leaf must Fall  C Palmer

6. Gypsy Camp  L Woods

7. Sweet Slavery  C Palmer/J Bidwell/M Bennett

8. John Clare  P Stevens/L Woods

9. Morning Haze  G Dale

10. Eels  A Adams/P Stevens

11. Three Suns  P Stevens


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