Hanging Moon (2014)


Pennyless Latest, 17 April 2014
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Hanging Moon, the fourth album by Pennyless, continues the progress in style and content from their first album “In Spring and In Blue” (a compilation from their first three is also available). Mixing together traditional themes, Acid Folk / Psychedelia, mystical subject matter and world music they produce a modern take on folk music with deep roots. Pennyless would not be out of place in folk rock’s golden years of the late 60s early 70s while sounding unlike most of the bands of that era. The line-up of violin (Penny Woods) and acoustic guitar (Les Woods) is augmented by various woodwind and percussion instruments courtesy of Graham Dale. Their earlier albums contained a fairly even mixture of self-penned songs and traditional jigs and reels. Hanging Moon (and their previous effort “Tales from the Tulgey Wood” ) brings the song writing of all three members to the fore with the instrumentals taking on a more world music vibe. Recorded at home the sound is warm and clear. Altogether a very satisfying album and thoroughly recommended. SJB

The music on this album has a haunting feel that pulls the listener in to the world of folklore and magic that these talented musicians conjure up. One gets a real flavour of their early influences, such as 70’s band Jethro Tull, resulting in a harmonious mix of instrumentals on a variety of instruments and cleverly self-penned ballads and shantys. The opening track ‘Love Fairy’ captures the listener quickly with the beautiful voice of Penny Stevens enhancing a wonderful tune, especially the chorus which sent a chill down my spine. The quality of this recording and musicianship is faultless and if you want to journey into a world of fantasy, mystery and magic then have a listen to this album – it feels like Lincolnshire meets Lord of the Rings.    Mike Rudge, May 2014  Mardles Suffolk Folk magazine

Product Description

Hanging Moon (with lyrics in 16 page booklet)

Release Date 29th March 2014
CD £10 (plus £1.50 p+p)

Track Listing

1. Love Fairy
2. Hanging Moon
3. Arthur Quelling
4. Blues in the Kitchen
5. Motley Crew
6. Big Blisters
7. Footsteps of Reynardine
8. If You Don’t Believe in Magic
9. The Witch and the Chimney Sweep
10. Travelling Man
11. Arthur’s Farewell


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