In the Park (2016)


Exciting new sounds from Pennyless as they venture into the world of Storytale folk…Keyboard by Graham Dale, Cello by Jo Hitchin, Drums by Tom Savage and Les on his Fender Telecaster. Colin adds Bouzouki and Penny twinkles on bowed psaltery and recorder.

Keeping the band’s trademark English theme Pennyless take you from the Neolithic Age, through Anglo Saxon and Romantic poetry and on to contemporary times. 11 original tracks with a surprise cover of a Clive’s Original Band song. Material written throughout the last year in the flint mines of Norfolk, the ancient remnant of middle England’s Rockingham Forest, and at Stonehenge during the winter solstice. Maybe also one day on a whimsical trip to the park….

All summed up by the very splendid inner sleeve artwork of R M Bancroft, formerly of Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine. See Terrascope magazine review below: Oct 2016



“I’ll lead you a Merrie Dance, so opens Pennyless’ fifth album. A one hundred mile an hour pirate song from the pen of Les Woods and Allen Adams, guaranteed to get a festival crowd up and moshing. The bow bouncing off the strings of Penny Stevens’ violin to set the pace before an almost Tenpole Tudor like vocal.

‘Angels in my Drink’ nods its head to the early sound of Fairport Convention…’Dancing with Annabel’, Stevens’ vocal has a breathless and haunting quality.

Gorgeously quirky stuff, essential and eccentric folk rock at it’s best, and best played loud. This is a record that grows and grows with repeated playing.  Ian Cripps 

Product Description

Album inner CykeNew album by Pennyless
Release date 3 June 2016
Track Listing

Merrie Dance  (L Woods/A Adams)
Angels in my Drink  (P Stevens)
In the Park  (P Stevens)
Kinloss  (C Benton)
Grimes Times  (L Woods/P Stevens)
Dancing with Annabel  (L Woods/P Stevens)
Fairy Caravan  (P Stevens)
Chain of Love  (C Palmer/J Bidwell/M Bennett)
The Gathering  (L Woods)
Road to Carnac  (L Woods)
The Turning of my Days  (P Stevens)
Grendel  (P Stevens)


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